Windows Vista Comes with IE7 and Flash Player 7

Posted in Flash at 4:46 am by Curtis J. Morley

As a Flash developer you need to be aware that people upgrading to Windows Vista will not be ale to see your work until they upgrade the Flash Player also.

At work and on my new personal computer Toshiba P105-s9339 I have installed Windows Vista. At work it is Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Ultimate is installed on my personal laptop. An average of 92.68% of the worlds connected population already has Flash Player 8 and over 60% already has the Flash 9 player. See below.

Flash Penetration Statistics

Even though the adoption of the latest versions of the player are the fastest yet, the default install of Windows Vista has Flash Player 7. This is definitely a throwback.

So what can you do? The best thing to do is put in the SwfObject Express Install that is part of SwfObject. This is the quickest way to get people into the latest version of Flash.

This worked great for me with the exception of the having to restart my browser to properly use the new plugin.

Here is one of the best articles I have read on Embedding Flash into Web Pages. It is written by Bobby van der Sluis who created (UFO) Unobtrusive Flash Objects which is another methodfor embedding Flash into web pages. He is also working jointly on a project with Geoff Stearns on a project called SWFFix. You can bet that I will be watching this one closely.

Good Luck Guys!

As always Happy Flashing.

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