SHRM 2012 – The FranklinCovey Wall of Kindles

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Thanks to everyone that joined us at SHRM 2012 at booth 3809 for a chance to win one of 204 Amazon Kindle Fires. If you didn't win one you can pick up a Full Color 7" Multi-touch Kindle Fire from Amazon.


Most Used Android Apps

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Home Screen - Clock /Weather Widget(1/2), Gospel Library, LDS Tools,  Ward Tools,  Indexing, Messages,  Mail,  Play Store,  Camera
Screen 2 - Dictionary. com widget, The HTC EVO 4G LTE made it through customers and is available this morning at 10 a.m. #HTC Facebook,  WordPress, Traffic Widget to work and home,  Sleep bot tracker,  Internet,  Calculator,  Sprint  TV, Fly Delta, Citation Index, Evernote, Telenav GPS,
Screen 3 - Stocks  Widget (FC, ADBE, AAPL, IAUS.PK,etc )
Screen 4 - friend stream widget
Screen 5 - Audio widget(1/2), Audible, Amazon Kindle,  Reader, Linked In, WordPress,  People, Voicemail,
Screen 6 - Agenda Widget
Screen 7 - 4G, Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS, People Widget(1/2)

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The SEO Rule of 3

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The SEO Rule of 3 is fairly simple yet amazingly powerful for producing high rankings on ALL search engines. If you don’t remember anything else about SEO for blogging remember these 3 rules.

  • Hierarchy 
  • Density    
  • Popularity

Because it is called the SEO Rule of 3, everything in this article will happen in 3’s. The first step in the process is picking keywords. You want to pick 3 keywords or phrases that you want to own. For example this post on How to Solve Flash Error 1009 follows the SEO Rule of 3. If you do a Google search for the keywords “Flash Error 1009”, “AS3 Error 1009” or “Actionscript Error 1009” you will see that in each case this blog comes up first or second. Google has a fantastic little tool that you can use quickly to find out the most popular keywords. Read “7 Tips to Get People to Read Your Blog” to find out what this simple tool is.

Be specific enough that you will be able to get the top spot but not so specific that only 3 people will ever search for it. For example “The Rule of 3” links to several Wikipedia articles about story telling and why 3 is the magic number for story telling like in the  example of the 3 bears. Google shows (as of the time of this post) that there are "About 833,000,000 results (0.26 seconds)"  yet if I type in “SEO Rule of 3” there are only "About 15,100,000 results (0.13 seconds)" which means I have 818MM fewer sites to compete with. 15 million is totally doable to capture a top search term like "SEO Rule of 3."

Once you have determined what 3 keywords you will own, let's jump right into The SEO Rule of 3. Here are the 3 SEO Rules one more time: 1. Hierarchy, 2. Density and 3. Popularity

  1. Hierarchy – The key concept here is to put the keyword into each of the 3 steps in the Google search hierarchy.  Google starts with the URL, next is the Page Title, and then the header. Of course Google also searches the body text but these have much less gravitas than the hierarchical order that Google uses. We address the body text in the next rule.
    1. URL – Make sure that the URL has the most important keyword in it.
    2. Page Title – This is the title that displays in the top of the browser.
    3. Header – When blogging this is the post title. Put the keyword exactly how you want it in the title.
  2. Density of Keywords – Google will rank you higher if you have the appropriate amount of keywords in your post. The structure below will provide that density. You can actually overdo the number of keywords and Google will penalize you for it. This guideline will be effective but also keep you safe from negatively impacting your posts.
    1. First Paragraph 3 times
    2. Body of article 3 additional times
    3. Write the keywords in 3 slightly different ways
      1. Flash Error 1009
      2. ActionScript Error 1009
      3. AS3 Error 1009
  3. Popularity – One of the way Google ranks sites is based on what other sites think(or link) of them. I know this may be reminiscent of High School elections, but in this case Popularity is extremely important. Post to at least 3 different sites that rank high for the keywords you are targeting. Simply do a Google search for the keyword and start at the top of the results. Make sure that your comments are relevant and germane to the conversation. People like it when a linking comment provides additional content or a unique perspective on the subject. Be descriptive in the comment and link back to your site with the keyword linked. For example don’t say I have a cool site click here to check it out. Instead say, “This may help you with your SEO ranking” or “Here is another perspective on how to rank high on search engines”
    1. A different yet popular blog
    2. News site that is covering the topic
    3. Popular site on the topic like a product site or support forum.

To sum up the SEO Rule of 3 is simply giving Google (and the other search engines) the food they hunger for, specifically Hierarchy, Density and Popularity.

Happy Blogging.

Curtis J. Morley


Dry Run – Amazon Kindle Jumbo Tron for ASTD

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Today we tested the wall. At first in this short :55 second time lapse video you will see that the wall looks kind of like Plinko on "The Price is Right" The assembly took nearly seven hours and my camera battery died before we finished so the end is cut off. You can see the finished project below. This was great fun to put up and the team was great to work so hard. Thanks everyone.

FranklinCovey Team with Orrin Andersen and Kelly Thompson - Amazon Kindle WallTeam

Myself, Kelly Thompon, Debra Lund, Orrin Andersen, Laura Johnson, Jen Coons, Scott Miller, missing Kim Tosti and Meg Thompson

We will give away all 200 Amazon Kindle Fires at the ASTD Conference in Denver  which starts May 7th. Come to ASTD booth 401 and win an Amazon Kindle Fire.

FranklinCovey will give away 204 Amazon Kindle Fires at ASTD 2012

We will give away 204 Amazon Kindle Fires at ASTD 2012

Look forward to seeing you at the conference.


Curtis J. Morley



Flash CS5.5 Error ArgumentError: Error #2012: DisplayObject$ class cannot be instantiated.

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ActionScript Error 2012 Description:

AS3 Error 2012 is a great Flash error. It is descriptive and tells you exactly what it means. Argument Error 2012 means that when instantiating a DisplayObject you do not create a new DisplayObject since there is only one DisplayObject Class an it is already instantiated with every swf you create.

Flex / Flash Error #2012 Fix:
Remove "new DisplayObject();" from your ActionScript.

Bad Code:

var newClip:DisplayObject = new DisplayObject();

Good Code 1:

var newClip:DisplayObject;

This should help you resolve Flex / Flash Error #2012

Thanks and as always Happy Flashing

Curtis J. Morley



A Startling Fact about Newspapers.

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I came across this chart on Business Insider today which really brought to light the turn of events in the last few years. We are truly a digital society. Think about how often you pick up the newspaper versus reading a blog just like this one. You can now carry every newspaper in your pocket via an app or website. The most startling fact of this chart below is that advertising spend is as low as it was in 1950.  1950 is only ten years after the invention of Color Television. Companies are spending the same amount of advertising on newspapers as the time when seat belts weren't even installed in cars. The world truly is a community of global thinkers that share information in a communal way. Just like you an I are doing through this blog post right now.

Newspaper is no longer the way information is distributed.


ActionScript Error 1138: Required parameters are not permitted after optional parameters.

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ActionScript Error 1138: Required parameters are not permitted after optional parameters.

ActionScript Error 1138 Description:

AS3 Error 1138 is a great Flash error. It is descriptive and tells you exactly what it means. This means that when setting up a AS3 function you must declare the required parameters before the optional or not have any optional. Both scenarios for error 1138 are shown below. Take a look at the code and it will all make sense.

Flex / Flash Error #1138 Fix:
Put your required parameters first and then your optional ones or else make them all required.

Bad Code:

function someFunc(someNum:Number = 0, someOtherNum:Number):void

Good Code 1:

function someFunc(someNum:Number, someOtherNum:Number = 0):void

Good Code 2:

function someFunc(someNum:Number, someOtherNum:Number):void

This should help you resolve Flex / Flash Error #1138

Thanks and as always Happy Flashing

Curtis J. Morley


Lisbon Portugal Photo

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Just uploaded new photo of the topiary gardens in the heart of Lisbon Portugal. These beautifully crafted gardens look over the amazing ocean in Portugal. This photo is now available to purchase and download from iStockphoto.

Topiary gardens in Lisbon Portugal

Get the Full Size Photo Now!


AS3 Error 1195: Attempted access of inaccessible method cacheAsBitmap through a reference with static type flash.display:DisplayObject.

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AS3 Error 1195: Attempted access of inaccessible method cacheAsBitmap through a reference with static type flash.display:DisplayObject.

Error 1195 can have any number of methods listed in this AS3 Error so I probably should have listed it as Attempted access of inaccessible method someMethod through a reference with static type variableType. This is caused because you are either calling a private method from another class, or calling a method defined in a namespace that is not in use.

If you are calling a method defined in an unused namespace, add a use statement for the required namespace. Otherwise, check that the method is within scope and accessible.

Thanks and Happy Flashing

Curtis J. Morley


Stop SOPA, Stop PIPA

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Yesterday was the first-ever Internet Protest against the proposed Legislation called SOPA (Stop Internet Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protecting Intellectual Property Act). Over 75,000 U.S. sites " chose to Black-Out their sites. I was one of them. Yesterday if you visited this site you would have seen the following linked image and nothing else. I joined Mark Zuckerburg, Wikipedia, Google, Wired, Tech Crunch, and thousands of others that believe in keeping America free - including the internet. You can still make a difference. Click on the image below and sign the petition at Google that gets sent directly to your Congressman.

Stop SOPA, Stop PIPA



Curtis J. Morley

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