Malia Jocelyn Morley

June 16, 2008

Cutest Baby In Town

We(By "We" I mean mostly Nicole (and by "mostly" I mean the only thing I did was give opinion on outfits) ) entered Malia in the Orem Summerfest Baby contest because as anyone with eyeballs can see she is definitely the cutest baby in town. (see picture below) So we thought that she would be a shoe-in. Little did we expect that when we arrived that the judges would disbelieve that she was in the 5-7 month category. The judges kept saying things like, "Now are you sure that she is 7 months old?" & "She sure looks like she is over a year old, you know." & "Now have you entered her in the right category?", etc... We didn't suspect in the slightest that she wouldn't win because of disbelieving judges. Most (and by "most" I mean all) of the other mothers and aunts and grandmas were practically mugging our "Little Bear" because of "how cute she is." Well take a look for yourself and you be the judge. Tell me what you think.

Cutest Baby in Orem

May 24, 2008

100th Percentile

We always knew that Malia was great but we didn't realize that she would be at the very top of all kids everywhere. Nicole took our little "Googly Bear" to the Doctor and she came back with a perfect score. She is 100th percentile in weight and 90th percentile in height. She weighs in at 21 pounds at 7 months old.

She is bucking the trend in head size. All Morley's have a large noggin. Isaac was in the 90+ percentile as well as Brooke, and I myself have only met one person with a larger melon then myself. Malia came in at 50% for head size.

Here she is after we told her that that she made the 100th percentile.

Malia Jocelyn Morley

Mar 1, 2008

Another weigh in and pictures to go with it. Malia is now officially 18 pounds. She has surpassed some of the other kids in the neighborhood/ward that are approaching a year old. This last week she found out that those things that keep waving in front of her face are for more than sucking on. She has discovered that she can use those five digit tools to grip things and then suck on those things. Her amount of suck-ables has now increased significantly. She previously would suck on two fingers from either hand(giving us no indication to whether or not she will be right or left handed. Her brother Taylor is hoping for left.) but now she has a mighty arsenal of fingers to grab and grip and tastefully pull to her mouth. The other fun development is that she has also found it much more fun to stick her tongue out when she smiles and laughs. This gets even more smiles and laughs out of her family.

Jan 2, 2008

Today I weighed Malia. She must be getting fed straight cream because she came in at a whopping 15. She has gained 5 pds in just over 2 months. She has fiund her smile now and has found her laugh. Her little laugh is one of the most beautiful sounds I have heard. It is a combination of a squeak and a squeal. When she smiles her dimples (all 3) are so cute I could eat them up and often try. We love our little Malia.

Oct 24, 2007

Malia Jocelyn Morley

Today Heaven opened and a little piece descended to earth. She came after nearly 9 hours of labor. Little Malia was born at 6:15 on October 24, 2007. We are so happy to have her here in our family. She is a true miracle and blessing to our family. It was with much heart ache that two other attempts failed, but the most peaceful joy that she is now here with us.

She came a week early. Her due date was on Oct. 30th 2007 but she knew that going one more week would have nearly killed her mom. Malia weighed a fantastic 10 pds. 7 oz. and measured at 21 inches. The nurse that helped in the delivery said that this was the largest baby that she had ever seen born naturally. Dr. Brian Wolsey gave a similar response when I asked him. He said that the largest natural birth was an 11 pound baby but that this was one of the largest. All of the nurses in the nursery also said that she was the largest VBAC ever delivered. Nicole is so amazing. It only took two contractions and five pushes to get her out.

Malia Jocelyn Morley - Our llittle Buddha Baby
Our little Buddha baby. 10 pounds 7 ounces

Nicole is doing great. She is in the hospital and will be Friday night. I can't express my thanks to the Lord for letting us have another one of his children come to earth and join our family. Little Malia is a miracle.

I will be posting many more pictures and comments in the next few days.

Curtis J. Morley

Nov. 1, 2007

Malia is 2 weeks old. I can't believe it. We did a little photoshoot and so I have a couple pictures to put up now. Today we went to the doctors for her two week visit. While there, she had her tongue clipped because she was tongue tied.

A few pictures from the photoshoot.

Malia in Pink
Malia Jocelyn Morley in a pink Bow
Malia Just Hanging Around
Malia Jocelyn Morley hanging out.

Baby Feet
Malia Jocelyn Morley’s Feet