Speaking at the SLC Photo Club on Lensbabies

Posted in Family, Photography at 4:39 pm by Curtis J. Morley

I will be speaking at the SLC Photo Club Nov 17th. The topic of the meeting is still life and I will be presenting on the amazing new lens called the Lensbabies. This highly reviewed lens is amazing and saves enormous amounts of time in Photoshop. Famed photographers such as Kevin Kubota (ranked Top 10 wedding photographers by Popular Photography Magazine) use this lens to make his subject matter have that dreamy ethereal look that every new bride wants. This lens is great for weddings, portraits, still life & flowers, food, commercial, and stock photography.

Here is an example picture of apples shot with Lensbabies 3G. The Lensbabies let you capture a selective focus and really make the subject matter pop. No Photoshop required. Come to the meeting to see many more. Picture of Apples shot with Lensbabies and 3G

My presentation will be a hands on demonstration that will allow photographers to use the Lensbaies 3G, and the Lensbabies 2.0 with the telephoto and wide angle attachments. I will have my Lensbabies 3G at the workshop as well as a 3G and 2.0 for the Nikon and 3G and 2.0 for the cannon mount. I will demonstrate the differences in the apertures and have a slideshow on the results of each aperture.

All attendees will receive a discount code for 10% off any of the products from LensBabies. Go to SLC Photo Club to sign up.

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