ActionScript Warning #1100

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Warning: 1100: Assignment within conditional.  Did you mean == instead of =?

AS3 warning 1100 is Adobe watching out for you and helping you out.  Flash/Flex let's you know that you are assigning a variable while at the same time evaluating to see if it is true.  This AS3 warning is quite easy to understand and well written.

To solve Flex/Flash Warning 1100 all you need to do is add another " = " sign inside your conditional making 2 == rather than just one.

Bad Code 1:

if (topFive[i]="one") {

Good Code 1:

if (topFive[i]=="one") {

Note: This is not ActionScript Error #1100.  Click this link to find AS3 Error #1100.
This should help you resolve Flash / Flex Warning #1100

Thanks and as always Happy Flashing

Curtis J. Morley

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