Top iPhone / iPad Apps of All Time

Posted in Mobile, SmartPhones at 3:06 pm by Curtis J. Morley

Yesterday I posted that iPhone Apps had hit 10 Billion. So what are the most downloaded Apps of all time? Which will be the 10 billionth app downloaded. As of yet the winning app has not been listed but anyone willing to guess ------"Angry Birds"? If CES was any indication then this is the year of the Birds. Angry ones. Here are some of the most downloaded apps to date:

All-Time Top Free iPad Apps

All-Time Top Paid iPad Apps

Top iPhone/iPad apps

Top Iphone/iPad apps

All-Time Top Free iPhone Apps

Top iPhone/iPad apps

Top iPhone/iPad apps

All-Time Top Paid iPhone Apps

10 Billion iTunes Apps

10 Billion iTunes Apps Downloaded

The complete list can be found here - All-Time Top iPhone Apps, Top iPad Apps

What are your favorite apps?

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