Flash Error #1006: addEventlistener is not a function.

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ActionScript TypeError: Error #1006: addEventlistener is not a function.

This ActionScript error is wonderfully simple. It comes from calling something that you think is a function but Flash doesn't recognize as such. Error #1006 can pop up for a different reason too. Make sure to see my first post on AS3 Error 1006 if the answer below doesn't solve it for you.

Look closely at the code above. In my case I just misspelled the native call to add an event listener. I typed addEventlistener with a lower case "l" instead of "addEventListener" with "L" capitalized. The fix is just to spell it correctly.

Bad Code:

blackBarFull_mc.addEventlistener(TouchEvent.TOUCH_TAP, navBack);

Good Code:

blackBarFull_mc.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH_TAP, navBack);

Easy Error, Easy Fix.

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