Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego, Jared Kroff, and Adam Devincent

Posted in Awards, Flash, Friends at 7:38 am by Curtis J. Morley

So I noticed that a lot of people are looking for my former students and Flash geniuses Jared Kroff and Adam DeVincent. Through my good friend Gordon Peterson I found that Jared Kroff and Adam DeVincent are now with a company called Red Interactive Agency. According to Gordon Funktion12 was acquired or something by this agency after sweeping the FITC Awards. Whatever they payed for www.Funktion12.com they got a good deal. Jared and Adam are amazing.

So to contact them you can call or mail the Salt Lake city office of Red Interactive Agency at:
Phone 801.355.4900
Fax 801.355.4901

Mailing Address:
230 S. 500 W.
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

So for all you googlers that are looking for Jared Kroff and Adam Devincent this may help. If nothing else you should check out Red Interactive Agency it just won the FWA Site of the Month and is amazing.

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