New Years Resolutions

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Every year I am an avid reoslution maker and keeper.  I love to set golas and achieve them.  It all started in High School when I made a resolution with my best friend and cousin Vaughn Jensen to drink no soda for the entire year.  That was the first time that I set (and kept) a new years resolution.

I have many resolutions but I won't list them all here.  The ones I will list relate to this blog and to my life as Flash professional.

So here are my New Years Resolutions in no particular order:

  • Post every ActionScript Error that Flash/Fex will ever produce.
  • Speak on Flash/ Flex/ ActionScript at 3 conferences this year (at least 1 major)
  • Reply to all valid blog comments within 24 hours.
  • Post a Flash tutorial at least once a month (12+ total).
  • Organize all posts into the "Grand Poobah" list of all AS3 errors.
  • Create an AIR app that contains all the errors from my blog.
  • Get my training published on RMI and Lynda.
  • Win one major award for a Flash project that I complete.
  • Get ACE re-certified in Flash CS4, Flash Lite and Flex
  • Become an ACI
  • And finally no carbonation for 2009 (cold duck excluded)

And that is the list.  Check back Jan 1st 2010 and see how I did.

Thanks and Happy Flashing,

Curtis J. Morley


I Made History With My Photography

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I made history literally - the History Channel. I found out that my picture of college football was used on the History Channel show Modern Marvels - 70's Tech. The show used my photo in a graphic representation of how LCD's were the predecessors of DLP TV's. At first the photo shows up very small in one little section of the screen and as I was watching the show I thought that the photo looked just like a sports shot that I had taken. Then the picture enlarged and sure enough it was one of my football stock photos. I was pleasantly surprised.

And here is a small clip of the show ending at my photo. Thanks History Channel.


New Photog-O-Week – June 10-16

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I have posted a new Photographer of the Week Award.
This weeks pick is Chris L. Jones from Sydney Australia. Even though Chris has stunning Blask&White photos and many other styles I gave this weeks photography award to the photographer Chris L. Jones for his unique and Delicious food photography. Great Job Chris keep up the good work.


Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego, Jared Kroff, and Adam Devincent

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So I noticed that a lot of people are looking for my former students and Flash geniuses Jared Kroff and Adam DeVincent. Through my good friend Gordon Peterson I found that Jared Kroff and Adam DeVincent are now with a company called Red Interactive Agency. According to Gordon Funktion12 was acquired or something by this agency after sweeping the FITC Awards. Whatever they payed for www.Funktion12.com they got a good deal. Jared and Adam are amazing.

So to contact them you can call or mail the Salt Lake city office of Red Interactive Agency at:
Phone 801.355.4900
Fax 801.355.4901

Mailing Address:
230 S. 500 W.
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

So for all you googlers that are looking for Jared Kroff and Adam Devincent this may help. If nothing else you should check out Red Interactive Agency it just won the FWA Site of the Month and is amazing.


musicRAIN wins a FITC award

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musicRAIN logoMy company, mediaRAIN, just won the Flash in the Can Award in the "audio category" for the musicRAIN interactive sheet music application. Robert Penner accepted the award Flash in the Can logoon our behalf. musicRAIN the leader in digital sheet music is the creation started many years ago that is revolutionizing the music industry. There were many people that helped to make musicRAIN a reality.

The original version was created for the LDS Church and can be viewed at www.lds.org/music. They were the first to believe that with technology and music combined we can bless many lives. The music player for the church has touched many lives around the world. There were many prayers and miracles from God that happened along the way to make this original version happen.

The commerical version owes many thanks to Morgan, Brooke, Blake and Shannon. They believed in us. Because of them it was possible for the player to be developed in a commerical way using and refining the indusrty standard musicXML created by Michael Goode and have the musical and Flash genius of Robert Penner to help in creating an amazing application that is light and versatile. It also owes many thanks to the amazing people at CCLI. Howard and Deryk, Gary, Pete, and everyone else.

I'm sure I will forget many people but here is a list of key contributors to the project over the years.

At the LDS Church

At CurtisMorley.com Interactive

  • Michael Chamberlain (An amazing project manager and friend)
  • Richard Lyman (intial Developer with me on musicRAIN)
  • Tyler Wright (The one that saved musicRAIN for the church)
  • Larry Lentz (design and creation)
  • Chase Brammer (Coding actionscript)
  • Gary Rogers (Back -end systems)
  • Evan Ehat (intial designs etc...)
  • Josh Buhler (Ties, Slurs and much more for the Church version)

At mediaRAIN

  • Jacob Wright (Backend, middleware, DB, security)
  • Delane Barrus(Design and interface)
  • Dave Nibley(promtional material)
  • Wayne Pullman(tradeshow booth and materials etc...)
  • Ben McElroy (font creation)


  • Robert Penner (A true Flash Architecture genius)
  • Michael Goode (Creator of the musicXML standard)
  • Rob Taylor (Thanks for the great help)
  • Scott Johnson (Work on the midi integration)


Key Supports

  • Morgan
  • Brooke
  • Blake

Thank you everyone for making my crazy dream into a reality and for blessing many lives along the way.