Google Analytics and Flash

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Thanks for your help in picking a new logo for my site. This experiment is a follow-on to my posts about integrating Google Anayltics and Flash. Thanks to Clint Rogers for the opportunity to present my findings at BYU on March 27, 2008. There are many things to consider when considering how to Integrate Flash and Google Analytics. With your help I can test my assumptions. This will gather data and tally votes using nothing more than Google Analytics.

I want to give a special thanks to my friend and fantastic designer Larry Lee Lentz II for his help on these logos and design.

Thanks and Happy Flashing,

Curtis J. Morley


ActionScript Error #1024

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ActionScript Error #1024: Overriding a function that is not marked for override.

AS3 error 1024 means that Flash or Flex already has a function by that name.

To solve Flex/Flash Error 1024 all you need to do is either correctly name the function something besides a reserved function in Flex/Flash or properly override the function. The example below shows how to solve issue number one. Notice that the good code solves Error 1024 because it doesn't use the same name as a function that already exists in ActionScript.

Bad Code 1:

function nextFrame (e:MouseEvent):void

Good Code 1:

function onNextFrame (e:MouseEvent):void

This should help you resolve Flash / Flex Error #1024

Thanks and as always Happy Flashing

Curtis J. Morley


AS3 Error 1120

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ActionScript 3 Error #1120: Access of undefined property myButton_btn.

ActionScript error #1120 means that an object "property" within Flash or Flex is not defined. But this doesn't really help you fix it. One main reason for this AS3 Error is that you haven't given the MovieClip or Button an instance name when you placed it on the stage in Flash. Another reason is that the reference is not correct.

AS3 Error 1120 -Fix1:
Give your instances a proper instance name.

Bad Example:

Flash properties dialog without an instance name Flash properties dialog without an instance name

Good Example:

Flash Properties Dialog with Instance Name Flash properties dialog with MovieClip instance name

ActionScript 3 Error #1120: Access of undefined property myBatton_btn.

AS3 Error 1120 -Fix2:
Check that your reference is the proper instance name.

Bad Code:

myBatton_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, someFunction);

Good Code:

myButton_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, someFunction);


ActionScript 3 Error #1120: Access of undefined property ftouchBeginHandler.

AS3 Error 1120 - Fix3:
Make sure that you are calling the function with the correct name.

Bad Code:

square.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH_BEGIN, touchBeginHandler);
function fl_TouchBeginHandler(event:TouchEvent):void
//Drag something

Good Code:

square.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH_BEGIN, touchBeginHandler);
function touchBeginHandler(event:TouchEvent):void
//Drag something


This should help you fix Flash AS3 Error #1120.

As Always, Happy Flashing

Curtis J Morley


ActionScript Warning #1100

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Warning: 1100: Assignment within conditional.  Did you mean == instead of =?

AS3 warning 1100 is Adobe watching out for you and helping you out.  Flash/Flex let's you know that you are assigning a variable while at the same time evaluating to see if it is true.  This AS3 warning is quite easy to understand and well written.

To solve Flex/Flash Warning 1100 all you need to do is add another " = " sign inside your conditional making 2 == rather than just one.

Bad Code 1:

if (topFive[i]="one") {

Good Code 1:

if (topFive[i]=="one") {

Note: This is not ActionScript Error #1100.  Click this link to find AS3 Error #1100.
This should help you resolve Flash / Flex Warning #1100

Thanks and as always Happy Flashing

Curtis J. Morley


Google Releases the New YouTube API’s for Flash

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Google has finally caught up with the likes of FaceBook, Flickr, Photobucket, MorgueFile, Webshots, Picasa, and Smugmug. I knew it wouldn’t take them long. The new API sounds like the perfect solution for Flash YouTube Mashups. Web based applications like BrainHoney, SlideShare, Sprout and worldtv will be able to integrate the solution fairly effortlessly now and keep the look and feel that they want. I imagine that more online and Flash based video editing applications like Jumpcut, Aviary, and RichFLV will be developed.

An article on InternetNews.com has the following to say:

“The new APIs will enable developers to create "chromeless" Flash players with a customizable interface built on YouTube software, but without the YouTube branding. Instead, YouTube is asking developers to place a "Powered by YouTube" button on the pages of their sites that contain the API-enabled video players.

Developers will be able to upload videos and responses to YouTube from any device, including cell phones and other handhelds. The APIs will also allow developers to augment the video content on their sites with metadata, such as titles, descriptions, ratings and comments.”

Article/press release on the subject.

To get into the details of the YouTube API


To find out about the features including the chromeless player and get a look at who Geoff Stearns the SwfObject Genius is.

This is great news for all of us Flashers in the worlds 🙂 Thanks Jasson and Thanks YouTube.

As always - Happy Flashing
Curtis J. Morley


Updated ActionScript Error #1176

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Added a code example to AS3 Error # 1176 and cleaned up the formatting for your viewing pleasure.

Get the updated info on ActionScript Error #1176 here.

Thanks and Happy Flashing


Speaking on Flash and Flex at UVSC

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Thanks to Thor for having me come present in the Multimedia Dept. The class was great. As promised here are the links to examples, applications, and books that I talked about.

Applications that I have been a part of

Rifle Builder - Shopping Cart application built originally in Flash 5
LDS.org/cm - The Original Interactive Sheet Music Player
- Commercial Interactive Sheet Music
LogoMaker.com - HP Purchased LogoMaker in-part because of the success of this application.
Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Games - Click on the "Games and Coupons" button
RideHarder.com - New design by Element
SolutionOverview.com - Green Screen interactive video
BrainHoney - Learning tool for self publication, uses mashups and Facebook integration. upload whatever files you want and make a lesson or learn what you don't know.

Applications turned into web apps:

http://www.flauntr.com/ -
- Fauxto now caled Splashup This is the most fully featured one I have found.

Mapping -
FlashEarth.com -
maps.yahoo.com -

Microsoft Word:
Grant Skinner Spell Checker for text editing

Image seam carving:
http://swieskowski.net/carve/ - Neat example
http://www.quasimondo.com/archives/000652.php - Example with code
http://rsizr.com/ this one is amazing and you can do it yourself

Video Editing:
RichFLV - Flash Based Video Editing Tool done with Flash/Flex and published with AIR

Motion detection & Vid Cam like Minority Report etc..

Sheet Music Applications -
LDS.org/cm - The Original Interactive Sheet Music Player
- Commercial Interactive Sheet Music

Adobe Digital Editions

mint.com - Web based version of Quickenfor money management

The Radio:
www.pandora.com - the music genome project


www.goowy.com/index.aspx - Flash web based Outlook knock-off.

Great Books For Flash, Flex, and ActionScript -


Intermediate Books

Begining Books

Books not to buy

  • AS3 Game Programming University - Only buy this book if you have never used Flash. The games are good BASIC games but the graphics are horrible and the examples don't really teach the prinicples behind game design.
  • Flash CS3 The missing manual. - You might as well buy the Dummies book(see below) if you are going to buy this one. Not a good place to start. Not comprehensive. Not well written.
  • Flash CS3 On Demand - This book should not be allowed to be called CS3 because some of the examples are not even using AS3. If you own Flash 8 then you will want this book but not for CS3.
  • Flash CS3 for Dummies - You are not a dumb, but may feel like it after spending any money on this book. They do have good cartoons though.


Curtis J. Morley