Merry Christmas

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May we all remember the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior and the sacrifice of the Father to give His Son so we could be forgiven and return to live with Him.


iStockphoto Promo Code

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I used this promo code on iStockphoto today and received $15 off my $75 purchase. So I only paid $60 on iStockphoto for 50 credits. A pretty good deal if you ask me. If you click the link above I will get a small commission thanks.

Here is the code - Promo Code: stocklayouts

Thanks to Elizaibeth for turning me onto the promo code.



Stephen R. Covey iPhone App Special for my Readers.

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April 13th only the "Great Work, Great Career" iPhone app is available for the price of $2.99.  It has been selling for $9.99 but to help with the downturn in the economy FranklinCovey is offering the iPhone app for this special price today only.

The app is fantastic and it really should be 5 apps sold seperately.The application helps you find a job if you are looking and helps you keep your job and make a difference at your company if you are employed. Get the FranklinCovey iPhone app.

Here are some screen shots.

Great Work, Great Career Great iPhone App

Great Work, Great Career, Great iPhone App

You can ask Stephen R. Covey or Jennifer Colosimo questions about getting and  keeping a job directly through the app.

The app comes loaded with videos from Stephen R. Covey and Jennifer Colosimo

One of my favorite features of the app is the Strengths finder.  It helps you make a difference for you company by laying out your strengths and helping you tap into them more.

Find out what your true strengths are and how to best use them.

Find out what your true strengths are and how to best use them.

The "Resource Finder" is where you go if need to get a job.

Find the right job for you with the Resource Finder

Find the right job and get the skills you need with the Resource Finder

Once you have a job and know your strengths then use the app to set out to make a difference with your "Contribution Statement"

Don't just work - Contribute!

Don't Just Work - Contribute!

Another awesome part of the app is creating a "Village" where you have instant access using your own contacts to in a way you may never have thought of before.

Who is in Your Village?

Who is in Your Village?

Get the Great Work, Great Career iPhone app today.


Last Minute Valentines Present

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Are you having a heart attack because you didn't order flowers a week ago? Well calm your beating heart and give your Loved one a heart attack instead. Just fill in your name and your loved ones name below and from your printer will come many Valentines Hearts that you can cut out and put on your love's car walls, mirrors, house, etc... I suggest putting red, pink or bright pink paper into your printer but white will do. Each Valentines heart comes out with a unique saying.

Flash application that prints multiple Valentines hearts, each with a personalized Valentines saying. Create your own valentines. Give your love a heart attack(the good way).

Have fun and spread the love.

Curtis J. Morley


New Years Resolutions

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Every year I am an avid reoslution maker and keeper.  I love to set golas and achieve them.  It all started in High School when I made a resolution with my best friend and cousin Vaughn Jensen to drink no soda for the entire year.  That was the first time that I set (and kept) a new years resolution.

I have many resolutions but I won't list them all here.  The ones I will list relate to this blog and to my life as Flash professional.

So here are my New Years Resolutions in no particular order:

  • Post every ActionScript Error that Flash/Fex will ever produce.
  • Speak on Flash/ Flex/ ActionScript at 3 conferences this year (at least 1 major)
  • Reply to all valid blog comments within 24 hours.
  • Post a Flash tutorial at least once a month (12+ total).
  • Organize all posts into the "Grand Poobah" list of all AS3 errors.
  • Create an AIR app that contains all the errors from my blog.
  • Get my training published on RMI and Lynda.
  • Win one major award for a Flash project that I complete.
  • Get ACE re-certified in Flash CS4, Flash Lite and Flex
  • Become an ACI
  • And finally no carbonation for 2009 (cold duck excluded)

And that is the list.  Check back Jan 1st 2010 and see how I did.

Thanks and Happy Flashing,

Curtis J. Morley


Heeeee-lariouos – Design Minstrel sings about Flash

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Matt Maxwell Sings at Flash ForwardAll right you Flashers. Stop banging your heads because of the latest Flash Error and go spend a little time with Matt Maxwell. Matt understands your pain and even sings about it. Once you hear Matt's lucid tomes you will be blown away at how well he understands your pain.

Matt recently sang one of his Songs about Flash at Flash Forward to a crowd of raving fans.

This is my favorite:
Flash Song by Matt Maxwell - Long Preloader

Matt is a phenominal designer, Flasher, interactive 3D website creator, and a stinking funny performer.

Check out his stuff:



Hopefully this will give you a break from those wicked Flash/Flex/AS3 errors and give you a good laugh.

Happy Flashing,

Curtis J. Morley


I Remember

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I remember thinking how fast the elevator was up to the observation deck.
I remember examining the chess board that sat in solitariness awaiting the next moves from Kasparov and Big Blue.
I remember standing on the top floor of the slender giant and feeling the gentle careening of the building as the wind blew so high above the city.I remember the call that said turn on the T.V.
I remember the disbelief at seeing the plume of smoke from the building I had once ascended.
I remember the papers and debris.
I remember calling everyone I knew and telling them to turn on their televisions.
I remember how time slowed to a still as the second plane was spotted in the air.
I remember the moment of impact.
I remember the ball of flames a city block wide.
I remember thinking about my friends in NYC.
I remember naming them each individually and wondering where they were at that very moment.
I remember the horror that gripped me as some chose their death rather than be subjected to it.
I remember the collapse of 2 WTC.
I remember how 9 seconds of the collapse played through my mind so slowly every detail was etched into my memory.
I remember the collapse of 1 WTC.
I remember the void that was left after the plume of smoke blew to the side.
I remember the confusion on my twin boys faces as the twin towers fell.
I remember the disbelief I felt in my soul and saw on my wifes face.
I remember counting the numbers that could be trapped beneath the rubble.
I remember the grief I bore.
I remember seeing the ghosts of heroes walking and running out of the dust.
I remember how the tears felt on my cheek.
I remember the pentagon.
I remember the prayers I offered for those grieving. for children who's worlds had been shattered.
I remember the prayers for the firemen, the policemen, the soldiers.

I remember the sadness of knowing that no one would be able to look over the city from there again.

I remember the brotherhood of New Yorkers.
I remember the forgiveness of Americans
I remember the renewal of patriotism.
I remember the unity of this nation.
I remember the resolve of a free people.
I remember the presidents words "Terrorism against our nation will not stand".
I remember what we are fighting for.


I still remember



I still pray





http://www.usa-patriotism.com/fv/911wwr2.htm (Patriotic Video)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nptA5uj6ZRY&v3 (Please Remember Me)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ervaMPt4Ha0 (15 yr old Lizzie Palmer's Video)


It’s a Girl (At least it will be in October)

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Well my Beautiful wife Nicole and I found out that we are having a girl and here are some pictures of the pretty princess. I think she has my eyes and Nicole's lips. It is a great day. Nicole is doing well and is still very skinny for being pregnant. The other kids were very surprised because they all thought it was going to be a girl. All except for the other girl in our family. The due date is October 30th so we are looking for appropriate names. Any suggestions on names please comment here on my blog.

Our baby girl.

Our little girl


A 3 Hour Tour or – What I Learned in Traffic School

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Traffic School was actually fun. Only in Utah can you attend traffic school and have two people that you know directly, one person that you find is related to you and and the neighbor of your brother all attending the same class. One of the best parts is that I used WordPress to write this entire blog post on my PDA while in class. My only regret is that they didn't have the video of the German convicts that volunteer to crash cars into trees and roll off of embankments. If anyone has knowledge of where to find this I would be much obliged.
So I picked up many great tidbits of information and thought that the world should know them. Here they are along with my comments:

  1. Cops have Photo Id when they pull up your drivers license. (So don't lie about who you are or they will take you to jail.) Read the rest of this entry »