Heeeee-lariouos – Design Minstrel sings about Flash

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Matt Maxwell Sings at Flash ForwardAll right you Flashers. Stop banging your heads because of the latest Flash Error and go spend a little time with Matt Maxwell. Matt understands your pain and even sings about it. Once you hear Matt's lucid tomes you will be blown away at how well he understands your pain.

Matt recently sang one of his Songs about Flash at Flash Forward to a crowd of raving fans.

This is my favorite:
Flash Song by Matt Maxwell - Long Preloader

Matt is a phenominal designer, Flasher, interactive 3D website creator, and a stinking funny performer.

Check out his stuff:



Hopefully this will give you a break from those wicked Flash/Flex/AS3 errors and give you a good laugh.

Happy Flashing,

Curtis J. Morley

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