A Startling Fact about Newspapers.

Posted in Flash at 6:16 am by Curtis J. Morley

I came across this chart on Business Insider today which really brought to light the turn of events in the last few years. We are truly a digital society. Think about how often you pick up the newspaper versus reading a blog just like this one. You can now carry every newspaper in your pocket via an app or website. The most startling fact of this chart below is that advertising spend is as low as it was in 1950.  1950 is only ten years after the invention of Color Television. Companies are spending the same amount of advertising on newspapers as the time when seat belts weren't even installed in cars. The world truly is a community of global thinkers that share information in a communal way. Just like you an I are doing through this blog post right now.

Newspaper is no longer the way information is distributed.