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Weekly I get requests for people wanting me to work for them or do Flash side projects.  Because of this I am creating a whole new site specifically for jobs.  I will not post everything that comes to me but I will post those that I feel are appropriate.  

Feel free to send job requests to me and I will gladly post them up as long as they are in the relm of Flash, Flex, ActionScript, AIR, mobile, Web development, Game development, or RIA.

The new section of my site will be at www.curtismorley.com/jobs.  You can also click the link over there -> that says jobs.

The first post is from Targeted Learning.  It is a contract job that involves Flash and SCORM.

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Happy Flashing

Curtis J. Morley


AS3 hotkeys reference

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Are you looking to speed up your coding in AS3 when you are working in Flash environment?  Here is a list of hotkeys that you can use in your actions Panel or with external .as files.  Just hit the [Esc] key and then individually hit the two keys listed after and Flash will spit out a snippet of code for you.

If you want to add your own Flash Quickeys go into the ActionsPanel.xml file and add a quickey.  For example if I wanted to create a pacakage that contained a class and a constructor then I could create my own quickey to do all of that. or if I just wanted to create a package then I would add id ="package" quickey="pk" to the line that starts <string name="package" in a similar fashion as the rest of the line with quickeys.

Flash ActionScript3 HotKeys

AS3 output Quickey
trace ( ); [Esc - tr]
break( ); [Esc - br]
case condition : [Esc - ce]
continue; [Esc -co]
default : [Esc -dt]
do { } while ( ); [Esc-do]
} else { [Esc -el]
for ( ) { } [Esc -fr]
for ( ) { } [Esc -fi]
if ( ) { } [Esc -if]
return ( ); [Esc -rt]
switch ( ) { } [Esc -sw]
throw ; [Esc -th]
try { } [Esc - ty]
catch ( ) [Esc -ch]
finally { } [Esc -fy]
" " [Esc -ev]
while ( ) { } [Esc -wh]
with ( ) { } [Esc -wt]
class { } [Esc -cl]
function ( ) { } [Esc -fn]
var ; [Esc -vr]
// [Esc -//]

As always happy Flashing

Curtis J. Morley

P.S.  Here is the code I used to grab all of the quickeys from the ActionsPanel.xml file.  I love E4X.

var quickeyXML:XML = {I pasted the XML from ActionsPanel.xml here}

for each (var element:XML in quickeyXML..@quickey)


trace("[Esc - "+element+"]");