Don’t let your Flash files get corrupted

Posted in Flash at 12:04 am by Curtis J. Morley

Today on slashdot an article that all of us Flashers, Photogs, and Designers should be aware of. One of the recent updates from Microsoft will corrupt files that are in the .swf and .jpg format.

Slashdot says, "If you have compression activated on any folder, then the compressed data is at risk from corruption."

Microsoft has been alerted that "KB920958 causes data loss on compressed folders in Windows Update"

The files that are at risk are reported to be:

Good luck and make sure to turn off compression.

General Windows-

Windows XP -- Right Click on the "C" drive > Under the "General Tab" make sure the Check box at the bottom that says "Compress drive to save disk space" is unchecked.

Individual Folders -- Right Click on the folder > Click on "Properties" at the end of the list > On the "General" tab click on the "Advanced" button >Make sure the check box at the bottom that says "Compress contents to save disk space" is unchecked