Dry Run – Amazon Kindle Jumbo Tron for ASTD

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Today we tested the wall. At first in this short :55 second time lapse video you will see that the wall looks kind of like Plinko on "The Price is Right" The assembly took nearly seven hours and my camera battery died before we finished so the end is cut off. You can see the finished project below. This was great fun to put up and the team was great to work so hard. Thanks everyone.

FranklinCovey Team with Orrin Andersen and Kelly Thompson - Amazon Kindle WallTeam

Myself, Kelly Thompon, Debra Lund, Orrin Andersen, Laura Johnson, Jen Coons, Scott Miller, missing Kim Tosti and Meg Thompson

We will give away all 200 Amazon Kindle Fires at the ASTD Conference in Denver  which starts May 7th. Come to ASTD booth 401 and win an Amazon Kindle Fire.

FranklinCovey will give away 204 Amazon Kindle Fires at ASTD 2012

We will give away 204 Amazon Kindle Fires at ASTD 2012

Look forward to seeing you at the conference.


Curtis J. Morley



Flash CS5.5 Error ArgumentError: Error #2012: DisplayObject$ class cannot be instantiated.

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ActionScript Error 2012 Description:

AS3 Error 2012 is a great Flash error. It is descriptive and tells you exactly what it means. Argument Error 2012 means that when instantiating a DisplayObject you do not create a new DisplayObject since there is only one DisplayObject Class an it is already instantiated with every swf you create.

Flex / Flash Error #2012 Fix:
Remove "new DisplayObject();" from your ActionScript.

Bad Code:

var newClip:DisplayObject = new DisplayObject();

Good Code 1:

var newClip:DisplayObject;

This should help you resolve Flex / Flash Error #2012

Thanks and as always Happy Flashing

Curtis J. Morley