Mountain Moonlight Photo Picked up for Web Movie

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My Moon Image (707727) is in a web movie.

Mountain Moonlight
You can purchase my Image at iStockphoto

You can go and see a wonderful movie about the birth of our Saviour and what peace he brings.
Go and see the movie here -

Thank you Mary


Utah Videographer gets National Attention from Business Week

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My friend Cammon Randle of CopperRain.com has received some big attention from Business Week Magazine He was selected as one of the Top 25 under 25 entrepreneurs in the nation.  You should go and check out the article.  It is a good article.

Check out the links below:

Business Week Top 25 under 25
Cammon Randle's  Bio can be found Here

Great Job Cammon and keep up the good work.


Why I wish I had DirectPointe at Home or Blue Screen of “Boredom”?

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So, the other day I started my computer and it seemed to boot normally. I logged into to my user account and then I waited for my computer to boot up,
and waited..............
and waited.......................................
and waited................................................................
and waited.............................................................................................
and the only thing on the screen was a nice solid blue background and my mouse. I could tell that my computer was running because I could move the mouse and the fan would kick on. But there were no icons, no start menu, no taskbar or any bars of any kind.

It scared the livin' bah-jeebers out of me (and I got really bored waiting)
That same day my wife let me know that she has "a virus thingy" on her computer. So I had to use her virused computer to research why my blue screen of death (no, boredom) computer wouldn't load up anything.

It turns out that with the help of many forums that I was able to get my computer back to normal. It turns out that windows explorer was not starting.

I know - weird! You're probably thinking why would windows explorer not start? I was thinking the same thing.
It still has the same issues but I simply open "Windows Task Manager" (hit CTRL + ALT + DELETE) and then I click on "New Task" and this brings up a dialog box that looks like this-

Task Manager

If you are having this same issue just put in the path to start Windows Explorer "C:\windows\explorer.exe" and click "OK" and you should be fine. I suspect that it has something to do with the new hard drive I purchased and how I disconnect it from my laptop.

Directpointe could have figured out my problem using the remote support tool that they have and could have solved my wifes virus problem before she even got it. The computer support that DirectPointe has is fantastic and virtually bulletproof.

As it was I had to do the computer data backup myself and then restore the system from the ground up. That got rid of her viruses and it got rid of about 2 hours of my time. The reinstall of Microsoft Windows sped up the computer dramatically but for some reason the restore CD's didn't put in all of the drivers. So there are some components that are still missing the drivers.

So to wrap up the story, I still get the "Blue Screen of Boredom" every time I use my "myBook" hard drive with my laptop and my wife is missing drivers to her computer, and I really wish I had the Outsource my IT to DirectPointe for my home.


The Greatest Mozilla Firefox Extension Ever.

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So I was surfing the other day and I came across a Mozilla Add-on that is fantastic. This Firefox Extension is a huge time saver and an amazingly wonderful tool for any Flash Developers out there.

Of course this Firefox extension was built by Alessandro Crugnola of Sephiroth. It takes a someone like Alessandro to make such a useful tool.

Download Flash Switcher here. http://www.sephiroth.it/weblog/archives/2006/10/flash_switcher_for_firefox.php
For those of you not familiar with how extensions work you will want to download the extension (.xpi file). Open it from the download window and then when the download window asks what program to open it with find Firefox.

This should bring up a window like this:

Install Flash Switcher

Click "Install Now" and then after you restart look for it down in the corner of the browser.

This Firefox Extension is a must for any serious Flash Developer
Happy Flashing with all versions of the Flash Plugin

P.S. My second favorite extension is the myStickies