My Second Favorite Error

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So my very favorite error is one Dreamweaver tried to pull.  The "No Error" error.

I got this "Mystery Meat" error when uninstalling Quicktime.  I clicked "OK".  I hope that I don't get any Apple viruses. 🙂

This error is even more nondescript than the "No Error" error.  Their isn't much to say about this error other than "hmmmmmm..... should I pick the red pill or the blue pill?"

They really don't want me to know what is going on.

They really don't want me know what I chose.


AS3 Error #1126: Function does not have a body.

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ActionScript Error 1126: Function does not have a body.

ActionScript Error 1126 Description:

I got this error from one of my UVU students code.  And as promised in honor of her I am thusly naming AS3 Error 1126 the Erin Johnson Error.  This error is given, in this case, because a semicolon is used instead of a colon after the parenthesis.  A semicolon in the ActionScript language is equivalent to a period in the English Language which means that if Flash sees the semicolon it says to the compiler finish this line of code and move on. The colon on hte other hand is used to say what Type something is or in the examples below what "Type" of data will be returned when the function is called. In the example below we don't want to return a type so we use :void (notice the colon). This should help solve AS3 Error 1126.


Flex / Flash Error #1126 Fix:
Replace the semicolon with a colon.

Bad Code 1:

function someFunc(event:MouseEvent);void

Good Code 1:

function someFunc(event:MouseEvent):void

Related Errors:

ActionScript Error 1084: Syntax error: expecting colon before leftparen. This error is a psuedo error in this case because once AS3 Error 1126 is reslved this error will also disappear.

This should help you resolve Flex / Flash Error #1126

Thanks and as always Happy Flashing

Curtis J. Morley


New Years Resolutions

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Every year I am an avid reoslution maker and keeper.  I love to set golas and achieve them.  It all started in High School when I made a resolution with my best friend and cousin Vaughn Jensen to drink no soda for the entire year.  That was the first time that I set (and kept) a new years resolution.

I have many resolutions but I won't list them all here.  The ones I will list relate to this blog and to my life as Flash professional.

So here are my New Years Resolutions in no particular order:

  • Post every ActionScript Error that Flash/Fex will ever produce.
  • Speak on Flash/ Flex/ ActionScript at 3 conferences this year (at least 1 major)
  • Reply to all valid blog comments within 24 hours.
  • Post a Flash tutorial at least once a month (12+ total).
  • Organize all posts into the "Grand Poobah" list of all AS3 errors.
  • Create an AIR app that contains all the errors from my blog.
  • Get my training published on RMI and Lynda.
  • Win one major award for a Flash project that I complete.
  • Get ACE re-certified in Flash CS4, Flash Lite and Flex
  • Become an ACI
  • And finally no carbonation for 2009 (cold duck excluded)

And that is the list.  Check back Jan 1st 2010 and see how I did.

Thanks and Happy Flashing,

Curtis J. Morley