Speaking at Training 2011 Conference in San Diego

Posted in Augmented Reality, Speaking at 8:17 pm by Curtis J. Morley

What: Speaking at Training 2011

When: February 9th 12:30-3:30 (2 Weeks from today)

Where: Training 2011 Conference, San Diego Convention Center, Room C4

Topic: Minority Report Learning — How Augmented Reality Makes E-Learning Kinesthetic

Prizes: Two RocketFish HD Webcams

One of the hottest new technologies is Augmented Reality. You will learn through this clinic the easy ways to implement Augmented Reality into your training and websites. You will also learn how kinesthetic engagement can enhance the training from a presentation to a viral experience. You will learn the best practices around the technology and how to make augmented reality a user-driven experience. Learn to:

  • Think differently about the web, mobile, and devices.
  • Use AR to engage users in the learning.
  • Create unique markers to your learning material.
  • Create 3D objects with open source (Free) technologies. Learn about viral coefficient.
  • Deploy on websites.

NOTE: Bring your own laptop computer with wireless internet capability to this session. Please also download Adobe Flash CS5, Blender 3D 2.49, Gimp, Flar Toolkit, Flar Starter Kit, and AR Marker Generator

I look forward to seeing everyone there. As always, Happy Flashing,

Curtis J. Morley

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