Speaking today at BYU on Flash & Google Analytics

Posted in Flash, Interactive, SEO, Speaking at 12:46 pm by Curtis J. Morley

Today I will be a guest speaker at BYU and will be talking about Google Analytics in Flash. I will be showing the students the power of using analytics and Flash. I will also be talking briefly about Omniture analytics and Flash. My talk will be centered around the capabilities of fine tuned tracking with Flash and what data should be tracked. I will also talk about the class that I am about to release that is built for Google Analytics and Flash.

Stay tuned and Happy Flashing.


Curtis J. Morley presenting at ID+SCORM

Posted in Flash, Speaking at 2:30 pm by Curtis J. Morley

I am presenting at the ID+SCORM Conference April 6th. I am going to be giving a sneak-peek of our Flash based learning community tool. My Session is at 3:00. Hope to see you there.

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